Professional Internship Program

This program is offered to students and recent graduates with internship placements.

A key focus of this program is to maximise the learning experience and to understand Australian workplace culture to enhance career success.

You will learn important career-enhancing skills, develop business vocabulary and gain an insight into the working world. This program has been designed in collaboration with certified career practitioners to support you with interactive workshops where you will learn key employability skills.

Ideal for: Recent Graduates

program inclusions

The Professional Internship Program is a 16-week program consisting of online subjects, workshops and an internship placement.

The course incorporates the single unit of competency BSBLDR513 Communicate with influence from the Australian Business Services Training Package. This unit of competency is an elective unit within Eightfold Institute of Australia’s Diploma of Leadership and Management.

range of industries

Eightfold Professional Internship Programs specialise in the field of:

Placements in other disciplines such as, but not limited to, engineering may take up to 10 weeks to secure as these areas have a broader scope across the market.  Please refer to our program brochure, student handbook and policies and procedures for further information on the Professional Internship Program.

Assessment Methods
As you progress through the program, there will be opportunities for you to test your own learning by completing a number of general questions and activities, such as
• Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions
• Projects
• Case Studies
• Practical Tasks
• Observations
Method of Delivery
Face-to-face and online
Entry Requirements
• Recently completed or completed at least one year course of study directly related to placement industry and/or maintained professional competency

• Minimum IELTS 6.0 or PTE-A score of 50 or complete LLN assessment as part of the program

• be an Australian resident or must hold an eligible visa

* You will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, BSBLDR513 – Communicate with Influence, only upon successful completion.

program outcome

By the end of the program, the students will be able to:

Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to undertake an internship placement relevant to your field of study.

As you progress through the placement, there will be opportunities for you to test your own learning by completing summative assessment according to performance and knowledge assessment criteria specified in BSBLDR513 - Communicate with influence.

Internship progressive review will be conducted; ensuring participants receive valuable feedback on their progress and workplace skill development.

Upon successful conclusion of the program students will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Professional Internship Program.