The Benefits of Online Learning

Published on October 30, 2018

I heard a statistic the other day that more people own a mobile device than they do a toothbrush!

I don’t know if that statistic is true, but there is no doubt that technology and digitalisation has changed the world. And the education and training industry is taking advantage of the opportunities this changing landscape is providing.

Online Learning has quickly gained wide acceptance and popularity. Learning is available 24/7 and is suitable to a broad range of learners. In short, it has made learning easy. It is no surprise that 90 percent of students think online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience.

The benefits of online learning are numerous and include:
•  Flexibility – you progress through your chosen learning experience at a pace that suits you and at times that suit you
•  Time Saving – it takes 40-60% less time to complete online training than traditional classroom training
•  Cost Effective – because operating costs are not as high and students save on transportation and course material costs
•  Comfort – it’s available from your own home so you can set up your learning environment to suit you.

It’s no wonder that 50% of all learning is being delivered online.

Another advantage of online learning is the variety of mediums that can be chosen and accessed by students. Learning is offered in a range of formats from onscreen reading and graphics and short videos, to interactive learning exercises and interactions with trainers and fellow participants, via webinars and discussion forums.

Students also get to apply knowledge and theory to real-life case studies and draw on personal scenarios that ensure a rich, authentic and relevant learning outcome.

Because of this diversity, online learning can be more engaging and enabling that traditional, classroom-based learning.

And there is alignment to online learning and the business world. As well as students learning the technological skills required for online learning, it also promotes accountability, self-discipline and time management. In fact, there is a growing trend amongst employers to give high regard to job candidates who have completed an online course.

As businesses become more globally focused, team members are more likely to work in different places, even on different continents. Online learning can help prepare employees to excel in today’s scattered, virtual office. For those already working up the career ladder, online learning makes use of resources and technologies already at their fingertips.